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November [Single] [As a ]
Mole [Single] [As a Label ]
Chandigarh (Aah Chak 2019) [Single] [Promo] [As a Label ]
Golgappe (Aah Chak 2019) [Single] [As a Label ]
Viyah [Single] [As a ]
Banjara - The Truck Driver [Album] [As a Label ]
Juaa [Single] [As a Label ]
Tralla 2 (Banjara The Truck Driver) [Single] [As a Label ]
Naar [Single] [As a Label ]
College Miss Karda Ft.arpan Bawa [Single] [As a ]
Barbaad Ho Jaawa [Single] [As a ]
Khara Paani [Single] [As a ]

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